• Care and Maintenance

    Clean, restore, protect, and maintain your boat’s surfaces.

  • Fillers and Epoxy

    For fairing, filling scratches/holes and boat-building repairs.

  • Fouling Control

    Protection from fouling such as barnacles, weeds and slime. Includes antifouling products.

  • Primers

    Seals and protects bare substrates above and below the waterline.

  • Thinners

    Products to ease boat paint application and/or clean equipment.

  • Topcoat Finishes

    Hull, deck, interior and bilge coatings for protection and aesthetics

  • Undercoats

    Base for topcoat finishes.

  • Varnishes

    Stunning, durable boat and yacht varnish finishes and natural-looking tints.

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Boatcare Summer Maintenance Kit


The summer maintenance kit is the ideal combination of products to keep your boat in tip-top condition during the season. The easy-to-use range work together to clean, maintain and protect, so you can enjoy your boat all summer long.

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