Fillers and Epoxy

Epifill is a medium to high density, general purpose filler that can be drilled, tapped and used under compressive loads. It’s also perfect for coving and a wide range of filling jobs.

  • For use above and below the waterline, ideal for fairing keels
  • A two pack filler than can be drilled, tapped and used under high compressive loads
  • Can be used for coving and a wide range of filling jobs
  • Technical information

    Download technical datasheet

    Contains detailed information on everything from the substances used to the application method.

    Technical data excerpt

    Suitable for above the waterline
    Exterior Cabin/Trims
    Interior Cabin/Trims
    Suitable for below the waterline
    Suitable water types
    Sea water
    Fresh water
    Aluminium / Zinc-Galvanised Steel
    Epoxy Composite / Carbon Fibre
    Steel / Cast Iron
    Suitable for aluminium propellers
    Application method
    Recommended no. of coats Practical coverage (m²/L)
    Knife As required 1.00
    Trowel As required 1.00
    Spatula As required 1.00

    * Method for professional use only

    Pack sizes
    220gm PT, 440gm PT, 875gm PT, 1.75kg
  • Safety information

    The safety datasheet contains detailed information for the current formulation of this product such as hazardous ingredients, first-aid measures, fire-fighting measures, handling and storage. To make sure you have the right datasheet, please find the corresponding colour and formula on your can. The formula is usually on the bottom. We provide safety datasheets for each latest formula. For older formulas' safety datasheets, please contact us.

  • How to apply

  • Compatibility

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  • YAA052

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For professional use only

Because of the application method required for this product, it is labeled for professional use only. This product is only for use by specialists with a license to use professional boat paint products.

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